of family Rudolf Schepers



The shipping company enterprise of the family Schepers looks already on several generations a lasting successful tradition in the German sea navigation back.

In the past century the family Schepers began its shipping activity with the enterprise of river shipping on the Ems,

which was then expanded since the Weser and Elbe.

Center of the fifties became larger the shipping company-own fleet by coastal motor boats, which were used in the north and Baltic Sea.

Today are the shipping company-own ships on all Weltmeeren at home.

The captain Rudolf Schepers transferred the business of the shipping company of its father, Tim Schepers, in the 70's. Mr. Schepers learned the maritime occupation of the Pike on and locked the training with the acquisition of the Dipl. Ing. captain on large trip.

Subsequently, captain Schepers drove with renowned German shipping companies and finally on own ships as a captain to sea.

The tradition of the shipping company becomes the son of the shipowner, January Schepers, would continue.

After the law studies Mr. Jan Schepers worked at a large shipping company in Hamburg. Since 1995 work Mr. Jan Schepers is in the own shipping company.